“Our vision is education excellence: our mission is to transform the learning and life opportunities of our pupils.”

Anwer Ibrahim Patel , Chair of the Board of Directors

What is the Essa Foundation Academies Trust?

The Essa Foundation Academies Trust is a charitable company established to set up and run academies and free schools in Bolton and further afield and provide recreational and leisure facilities in the interest of social welfare. The Trust is funded and regulated by the Department of Education. Academies and free schools are independent state funded schools. The Trust's sponsor is the Essa Foundation Trust, which is an educational charity set up by the philanthropic Patel family, owners of a leading pharmacy chain in the North West of England, to encourage research, development and the introduction of best practice across schools and curriculums. The Essa Foundation Academies Trust has been a multi-academy trust since 2014: It was originally a single academy trust - the Essa Academy Trust from 2008-2014. There are currently two academies in the Trust - Essa Academy, an 11-16 school which opened in January 2009 and Essa Primary Academy, a free school for primary aged children which opened in September 2014.

What are the Roles of the Members and the Board of Directors?

The Trust's Members and Directors are responsible for ensuring that the Trust is solvent, well run and meets the needs for which it has been set up. The Trust must comply with company and charity law and with a range of legislation including that related to equality, employment, health and safety, education and the protection of children. The Trust is the employer of all staff, has responsibility for, and control of, all revenue and capital funding and is the admissions authority for all academies in the Trust. Members and non executive Directors of the Board serve as volunteers and receive no payment for their work.

How Does The Trust Operate?

The Trust's Articles of Association and Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State for Education set out the Trust's purpose and how it will operate.

You can download them below:

*Click the file names to open an online PDF. - (Some documents are currently being amended and will be available soon).

1. Articles of Association

2. Master Funding Agreement

3. Supplemental Funding Agreement

4. ESSA Primary Supplemental Funding Agreement

The Trust is led by its Members and the Board of Directors. The Founding Members of the Trust are the organisation and the individuals who established the Trust. These Founding Members appointed the first Directors of the Trust.