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We recruit people for attitude and train for skills

We aim to recruit great people. We would rather make no appointment than appoint someone who is not suited to our ethos. For this reason, we clearly articulate our vision, values and expectations when putting together information for applicants and we always give a lot of attention to appointing the right person.

We aim to recruit staff who:

  • are excited by their role and by the prospect of working with young people;​

  • love the processes of learning and teaching and are keen to continually develop their own skills;

  • will subscribe to the ethos of the Trust and ‘go the extra mile’ in terms of time and commitment to get the very best from our young people;

  • see break duty as an opportunity to talk to children;

  •  are quick to praise and slow to criticise; and

  •  are not afraid to admit to seeing themselves as potential leaders of the future.

But don’t wait for a vacancy to arise! If you would like to work for us, you can send your CV and a covering letter, outlining any relevant experience and personal qualities you would bring, to

You can be sure we will take time and care in reading your letter; we appreciate how much energy goes into it.

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