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Anne Casey

CEO of Essa Foundation Academies Trust


I am honoured to be Chief Executive for ESSA Academy Trust.


Having worked in education for 35 years in roles including Principal, Civil Servant, Education Adviser I know how the best schools ensure children’s’ life chances are protected.


ESSA academies have done this with distinction through the trusting relationships that exist between staff, pupils, parents, governors and our local communities.

Pupils always come first in ESSA Academies and we ensure that they have a strong foundation on which to build the rest of their lives.

Our mission is to ‘‘All will succeed ‘ is heartfelt by all who work in and for our great academies.

Central to our success is the ESSA Workforce. We attract and keep great staff, invest in professional development, identify and promote talent and use the skills of individuals to make us stronger.

I am proud to be able to play a role in the Trust.


As Chief Executive my job is to support the academies leadership to ensure we do the very best we can for our pupils.

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